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Africa - Exotic & Fierce/Mandrill Baboon


Oil paintings of unique animals are rare; especially those which show their full maturity and correct anatomy. The oil painting I have done here is one of the full maturity of the animal. It is an animal of African origin. It can stand as a piece of African art, alone because of its’ vibrant colors.

I always had a desire to do oil paintings of some of the most colorful animals in the world. Lo and behold, this mammal allowed me to do just that. This mammal is the mandrill baboon. The word mandrill (mandrillus sphinx), means man-ape. It is a terrestrial baboon of tropical west and central Africa and is now endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. The male mandrill is documented as the most colorful mammal in the world. It is the world’s largest monkey species and well adapted to fighting. Its’ life span is 40 years and weighs up to 50.6 pounds. Although the animal is shy and tries to escape human observation, immediately, it is not to be provoked. Thus I named this piece Africa – Exotic & Fierce

  • Model: 20" X 25"

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