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From the Earth's Blanket


As I sat and observed the warm, neutral colors of the earth’s clays, visions of such colors coming up from the earth and wrapping me like a blanket occupied my mind. The brown colors reminded me of hot, steamy, chocolate and home-made latte’s made with hazelnut milk, honey, and dollops of whipped cream. Now, add to that image a fireplace, the best pages of your favorite book or a favorite movie and you’re set to enjoy any evening. These colors make you feel warm. They bring you back to nature and its’ roots, and they give you a cozy, safe feeling of love in the home. You can always find each of these colors in the different layers of the Earth. Thus, I call this piece From the Earth’s Blanket.

  • Model: 18" X 24"

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 10 May, 2009.

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