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Maps on Google Earth or world paintings we see today do not reflect each continents true land mass. Showing the true size and image of each continent...

Australia, Africa, Russia, America, etc. was part of my inspiration for painting this world map. Equally inspiring is my ultimate goal to broaden and give accurate perspectives by showing correct images of authentic objects around us through my paintings.

The most accurate perspective of the world map I havve seen is the Peters Projection Map at It gives you the most accurate size of each continents land mass. My desire was to do an oil painting of our earth; Thus, I did an oil painting of the world map. I used rich earth tones reflecting the temperature of each continent and emphasized Tibet as it is not seen on any other map I have researched. Finally, I hand painted each island and reflected temperature changes in the ocean water along the equator.

Earth is a fascinating planet. It is an awesome piece of work created in the universe just for us. It is in its exact socket in the universe in order for life to exist. This painting is perfect for private offices and study rooms as well as for public buildings such as universities for those wanting to see the World in a true perspective. Thus, I call this piece Our World: Correcting the Perspective.

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