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Delon's Logo Ostrich Feather History

I chose to use the ostrich feather to surround my logo because of the unique, non reproductive qualities it has. The ostrich feather symbolizes a uniqueness I wanted to grasp in my logo and my art. Despite all our technology, these feathers cannot be reproduced just as we cannot reproduce an exact replica of us with the same DNA. It reminds me of the precious moments we as individuals are chosen to walk this earth and use our talents at a specific appointed time given to us. No two people have the same DNA. Furthermore, when our creator made us, He put talents within us that are to be used to inspire our fellow man. It is my hope and prayer to inspire all mankind in my art work and in my workshops, and to share a genuine love and warmth in their lives while I walk this earth. I love their magnificent plumage and the fact

Ostrich Feather History

The Ostrich feather trade began during some of the earliest civilizations. The Egyptian, Assyrian and Babylonian empires all actively groomed, farmed and sold ostrich feathers. There is sufficient proof in the Bible, hieroglyphs and throughout history that ostriches and ostrich feather harvesting has been around for centuries. Most historians believe that the ostrich was first hunted thousands of years ago not for it's meat, but for it's magnificent plumage. The history of the ostrich feather is romantic and thrilling, as feathers were originally a symbol of justice in ancient Egypt and have now taken the form of exquisite creations by fashion designers.


The ostrich feather is so unique that mankind, with all its technology, has never been able to simulate its outstanding qualities. The natural flowing beauty of wing plumes that dress the boas used in celebrations, carnivals and shows have never been successfully reproduced synthetically because of it's impossibility. The ostrich feather is an amazing combination of softness, durability, and flexibility. Ostrich feathers are the most sought after material for the making feather dusters because of their unique ability to remain entirely static free.

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