Delons International Art Marketing, Inc.

The Story of Delon's Logo

The elements used in making my logo are not used for their beauty alone, but for what they represent. The Cullinan I diamond, a.k.a. "The Star of Africa" and the largest cut diamond in the world, according to research, was placed at the top of my logo. Why a diamond you say? Well, you've heard of the phrase, Diamonds are Forever ... This is because of their durability and the time nature takes in creating these awesome stones. Diamonds are created under the roughest, most incredible conditions of enormous high temperatures ranging from 16522372 F in a length of time of millions of years. No other stone is created in such conditions as the diamond. They symbolize love, eternity, fidelity, and perfection ... words all used in experiencing the awesome love, power and spirit of God. Thus I used a diamond in creating my logo.
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