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About the Artist & DIAMI

About the Artist & DIAMI – Delon’s International Art Marketing Incorporated

DIAMI was birthed out of Sharl Delon's compassion for a desire to communicate and express the heart of her creativity with people through the arts. Sharl Delon Hill is a native Arkansan. Her passion for art began in high school where she took a basic class in drawing. After graduating from high school, she attended college at UALR and took another art class her first year at that university. Realizing that God puts gifts and talents within each of us for a reason gave Delon a drive to fully develop the artist within her through multifaceted palettes. These artists’ palettes give us a way to escape, transforming one’s creative imaginations using the human body, a room, a landscape, a vase, or a canvas.

Dressing up the human body is just one multifaceted, creative art palette. So next, she transferred to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the college of Agriculture and Human Environmental Sciences majoring in Fashion Merchandising which catapulted in her attendance and graduation from Excel School of Model and Talent in Little Rock, Arkansas. Because she saw the range of art palettes extending beyond dressing up the human body, she continued her studies. This time it extended to interior design which resulted in attending and graduating from Chandlers School of Interior Decorating and the Federation of Garden Clubs Flower Show Schools in Little Rock, Arkansas. Thus, the artist within was truly becoming multifaceted.

Delon’s art lessons extended beyond the UALR art class and she began to take private art lessons from local art teachers and art professors at UCA. The creative flame in her heart continued to burn. Her first private art teacher, Dee Lauderdale, encouraged her to enter her art in the novice class at the annual Grand Prairie Arts festival in Arkansas. She won 2nd place at the festival and 1st place at another festival the same year. Well … the rest is history. She is now an active member in the Arkansas League of Artist and continues to take private art lessons from art teachers such as artist, Arlette Miller who, as a young art student, had a private instructor taught by Renoir.

Sharl’s art has been displayed at art shows such as the annual Collaboration of the Arts at the River Market in Little Rock, Arkansas. One piece of her art, Our World: Correcting the Perspective, was inspired by her desire to instill positive, correct images of the world through art such as her oil painting of the famous Peters Projection World Map at This piece hangs at the AGAPE World School of Evangelism in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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